Phase 3 – The Next 30 Years!

Ellen & Don’s Cake, (Don turned 70 last October but did not have a party)

Turning 70 last weekend was rather shocking! When I arose the morning of my birthday, I walked into the kitchen and saw a birthday card that said Happy 70th on it. I wondered whose birthday it was!

Some people try to forget this aging thing is happening, ignoring or minimizing big birthdays; some say it’s only a number; others of us try to embrace it. To those who say it’s only a number, I say, “Don’t talk to me about this if you’re still in your 40’s!  “Yes, it’s a number, one that is bringing us nearer to our transition into spirit, so how do we want to go forward?”

The day began with my free birthday breakfast and drink at our local pub with my partner and daughter, one that included a mimosa. My version of a morning mimosa turned out to be about one ounce of bubbly in a glass of orange juice, with the rest of the small bottle carried home for later use.

Then lots of prep for the birthday drop-in. There were four of us to chop veges and put out food so we were well well prepared when our first guests arrived one and a half hours early! No problem.

Our four hour party evolved into a 6 and a half hour one, but my energy lasted well as I was totally in the flow. The Universe blessed us with warm sunny weather, and the house cleaning was all for nought, as we all sat out on the deck and visited. It was a mellow afternoon for everyone. I knew I was surrounded by angels the entire time, and this loving support lasted for a couple of days.

Now I am more conscious about calling on my angels, to create that spiritual cocoon more often. Like many of us I have the tools but don’t always use them. “Pray Without Ceasing”, as I called it in a previous blog, is a habit we create and build on over time.

Having my friends and family witness my 70th birthday helped me to internallize it. For a couple of months now I have had the sense that turning 70 is the beginning of a new, vibrant phase of my life. Although still challenging, my kundalini process is more subtle, more balanced now, and has recently opened me to creativity and possibilities, and with that, a feeling of moving forward into my future. It’s a time for travel and for strengthening my body after the long period of kundalini processing.

Why do I call this Phase 3? It’s a subjective choice I made without giving it a great deal of thought. Phase 1 was growing up, going to school, my first marriage, (the one that “didn’t take”, as I reference it.) Phase 2 was meeting Don and having a family, our rich life together. Phase 3 means the time to live joyfully, to do what calls to me (and us).

Living joyfully in this new phase of life will entail following the calling of my heart and the guidance of my spirit guides. It’s been a year since our last trip, the Net of Light Gathering in Joshua Tree, California, but it feels much longer. Time, a man made concept, took on a different flavour for me as I did my internal work, releasing so much. For a time I couldn’t see any forward moving, didn’t want to travel or do all that much. Don was in his own process of adjusting to retirement after many years as a land surveyor including twelve or thirteen as a business owner.

Now, in a different phase of my kundalini process, and with a growing awareness of the hour glass emptying, I am not satisfied to sit still. There is a growing feeling of “the sky’s the limit” with respect to opportunities both abroad and at home. I am “re-setting” myself as I move forward in my life – not “re-tiring”.

Author’s Note: Sadly Ellen’s soulmate Don transitioned from this life two months before his 72nd birthday. Ellen is learning to “Fly Solo”

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